Piotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky
Evgeni Onegin, op. 24


Lorenzo Viotti conducted at Gulbenkian a stunning staged version of Tchaikovsky's masterpiece "Evgeni Onegin"
Text: Jorge Calado
* * * * * “The strength of conventions”/Expresso 21.3.2020
“Exceptional "debut" today!
Congratulations and thank you! Impressively beautiful!”

Photos: Gulbenkian Música/Márcia Lessa

Lorenzo Viotti Conductor
Kristiina Helin, Director,
costumes, lights and video design
Assistants: Otelo Lapa, Monica Rocha, Isabel Ayres
Costume assistant: Barbara Magalhaes, Ines Poeira
Hair: Sica Souza
Make-up: Joana Cornelsen
Props: Ricardo Junceiro, Nuno Batalha
with marvelous Gulbenkian video-, light and technical team!

Marjukka Tepponen Soprano (Tatiana)
Stefania Toczyska Meio-Soprano (Filípievna)
Catia Moreso Meio-Soprano (Olga)
Carolina Figueirero Meio-Soprano (Larina)
Alexey Neklyudov Tenor (Lenski)
Andrè Schuen Barítono (Onegin)
Dmitry Ulyanov Baixo (Gremin)
Marco Alves dos Santos Tenor (Triquet, Quillot)
Andre Henrigues Baritono (Um Capitao)
Andre Baleiro Baritono (Zaretski)

“Simply excellent ..”

“I was there yesterday and everything was magnificent, from the orchestra and artists, to the choir and the staging.”

“It was all very beautiful, wonderful orchestra, conductor, singers and choir, staging. Great show. Congratulations.”

“Congratulations Gulbenkian VERY, all very Good! A work of extraordinary quality and beauty, memorable.”

“Alexey Neklyudov. I am sure it will be a well-known name in a short time. Great tenor voice, still very young!”

It will be difficult to find a better Lenski today than Alexey Neklyudov, a generous and ardent actor, with beautiful timbre and effortless singing. (Expresso)

“Promise !!! The dress rehearsal was fantastic !!!! Loved it !!!! And the staging is stupendous !!!!”

FCG presented us an opera with a staging by Kristiina Helin. The difficulty in doing so in the building is evident, but the result is interesting, using some ingenious solutions. (Opera Fanatics)

“Magnificent! I loved it. Congratulations Gulbenkian!”

.....legendary Stephania Toczyska!

The Gulbenkian Choir, (...), had an excellent performance in all interventions and showed all its quality and versatility. (Opera Fanatics) Soprano Tatiana Marjukka Tepponen was excellent. The voice, beautiful and powerful, always well projected and audible (even from the back of the stage) and with an impeccable support of the notes throughout tessitura, conveyed the emotions of a young Tatiana, tormented by passion and duty. (Opera Fanatics)

From the dramaturgical and theatrical point of view, I found this achievement perfectly accomplished (...) nothing owed to the complete production. A full spectacle!
Responsible for the staging and costumes, Kristiina Helin also knew how to solve the choir scenes and choreography, namely in the case of the beautiful side entrance of the maiden chorus, at the rhythm of the music at the beginning of the 3rd scene. I also liked the costumes; crowned by hard hats and different caps, designed with taste and temperament. (Expresso)

Marco Alves dos Santos was a very dynamic Joker-masked Triquet...(Opera Fanatics)

The Gulbenkian Orchestra was globally very well conducted by conductor Lorenzo Viotti.
Schuen surprised me by the beauty of the timbre, volume, projection and legato. He was warm, indecisive and tormented, and rarely a boaster. (Opera Fanatics)

Cátia Moreso had a good performance, (...) having been well accompanied by Carolina Figueiredo’s Larina. Stefania Toczyska's Filipievna was very well done, (...). André Henriques' Captain, as well as André Baleiro's Zaretski, did well in their short roles.
Dmitry Ulyanov's Gremin (...) has vocal power like few others: deep bass and stratospheric treble. And he made a powerful Gremin, with great vital energy. Thunderous. (Opera Fanatics)

Glorious night at Gulbenkian! (Expresso)

* * * * *



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