Upcoming :
Vaasa 27.1.2023 / Ritz
Helsinki 28.1.2023 / Tanssin talo, Pannuhalli

MUSIC FROM 17TH CENTURY NUN CONVENTS/and composer Olli Virtaperko

Vaasa Baroque 
Earthly Angels ensemble: Marianna Henriksson (organ), Joonatan Rautiola (saxophone), Louna Hosia
Music by Chiara Margarita Cozzolani, Rosa Giacinta Badalla and Olli Virtaperko
Catharina Östman/poetry
Singers: Kajsa Dahlbäck, Suvi Väyrynen, Katariina Heikkilä

Stage director/choreography/visual art: Kristiina Helin
Artistic director and project leader: Kajsa Dahlbäck

  1. Jesus although he is not present on stage in a role. He is always present in her life and this choice of instrument sheds light on her thoughts about his answers to her prayers.The visual setting of the performance is in the convent garden where the nuns are doing their daily chores surrounded by flowers. The flowers opening movements and the nuns’ express thesame willingness of the soul towards eternal life with Jesus.

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