Tenalji von Fersen Fortress of Finland 1993

Producer: Kristiina Sjöman
Choreography: Kristiina Sjöman
Dancers: Tero Nauha, Mammu Rankanen, Kristiina Sjöman
Soprano and violinist: Minttu Pesu 
Lights: Vesa Ellilä

HESA/Helsinki news paper/Jukka O.Miettinen 5.8.1993 

...The most successful in the work was its visualization. The whitewashed dancers grew like the naturally weathered vaulted interior of Tenalj von Fersen. Vesa Ellilä's lighting accentuated the

space event with merit..

... all the credit to the performers: Maarit Rankanen and Tero Nauha performed in a focused and controlled manner, and Kristiina Sjöman's part - she stood with her hands raised all the way to the wall for an hour - is a really heavy performance despite her inconspicuousness.
Minttu Pesu, who has graduated as an opera singer, is responsible for the accompaniment of drums, violin and great vocals. All in all, Dozo is an ambitious and in-depth look at the many possibilities of buto technology.



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